About us



We redefine customer-agent interactions in the utility industry through revolutionary automation. Our platform, featuring state-of-the-art chatbot and voice technology, elevates customer service to new heights. Beyond mere information dissemination, we empower contact centers with AI assistants capable of tackling complex queries effortlessly, enhancing J.D. Power ratings, and slashing service costs.

Seamless Integration

Seamlessly integrating with existing systems for providing tailored solution.

24/7 Responses

Our AI-driven self-serve advisor ensures 24/7 real-time responses.

Reduces wait times

Elevates overall user experience, positioning your business as a leader.

One Platform for Superior Service

At POWERCONNECT.AI, we’re transforming customer service by offering advanced features designed for both customers and service agents.

  • Our platform integrates connectors to existing knowledge bases like FAQs, documents, and public information to stay current.
  • We utilize historical communications to maintain alignment with company guidelines and branding. Our AI Power Advisor is trained to ensure the delivery of precise and relevant information across various sectors.
  • With an intuitive interface, users can easily make inquiries, while agents receive suggested actions and responses to streamline their interactions.
  • Our dedication to continuous improvement sets us apart; the platform evolves through learning from agent feedback and customer insights, consistently enhancing the service experience and simplifying the process for everyone involved.

Integration & Partnerships

API integration to existing CIS & 3rd Party Systems.

Our Partners:

We close the gap between Utilities and Customers!

Press & News

Join us for a special conversation with Jade Anuszek, Founder & CEO of Arkansas Solar Power, Inc. She will discuss a significant step forward in enhancing the Customer Experience. Arkansas Solar Power, a leader in Arkansas’s solar energy industry, is excited to announce its collaboration with POWERCONNECT.AI’s innovative GenerativeAI solution. This partnership aims to empower and educate both residential and commercial customers, marking a transformative initiative set to shape the future of solar energy in Arkansas.