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Steve Dawson


Meet Steve: a tech-savvy sales virtuoso with two decades of experience navigating the depths of German culture before making his mark in the US. He's driven by a passion for digital innovation and a deep commitment to revolutionizing Customer Experience (CX) through AI. With a track record of pioneering large enterprise deals and venturing into startups, Steve invites you to explore his dynamic world of energy, utilities, and a steadfast dedication to a sustainable future.

Nune Isabekyan


Meet Nune, a highly accomplished tech professional with a wealth of expertise and a portfolio of certifications, including AWS. Having honed her skills, she's now the mastermind behind, shaping the future of tech solutions. Nune's dedication to excellence and her commitment to innovation shine through as she leads the way in creating cutting-edge experiences.

Vlad Hayrapetyan


Meet Vlad, a visionary leader with a track record of success in the tech industry. Formerly a Chief Digital Officer for a large utility company, Vlad's experience is second to none. He's the driving force behind several thriving startup companies and holds an MBA, bringing a unique blend of corporate expertise and entrepreneurial spirit to the table. With a keen eye for innovation and a proven history of success, Vlad is at the forefront of shaping the tech landscape.

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